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Men's Beard Care

Experiencing True Growth With Google Ads

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Background & The Challenge

The US beard care company was facing a significant challenge in Q1 2021. Despite having a loyal follower base and a successful email marketing strategy, they were struggling to acquire new customers. This posed a considerable threat to their growth and revenue targets, as they were heavily reliant on their existing customer base. In January 2021, Vulcan partnered with the company to help them overcome this hurdle and develop a sustainable strategy to expand their customer base.

Case Study Metrics

Date Range:      January 2021 - December 2022
Ad Spend:     $32,000
Conversion Value:     $278,000
ROAS:     8.6
Geographic Location of the Company:     United States

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The Solution

To tackle the customer acquisition challenge faced by the US beard care company, Vulcan implemented a multi-pronged solution. Firstly, they optimized the company's product feed in Merchant Center, which allowed for more accurate targeting and better ad performance. Vulcan also placed a significant emphasis on a waterfall shopping style campaign, using manual bid adjustments across the levels of the funnel to maximize conversion rates. Additionally, remarketing was employed via discovery, display, and YouTube, which helped to reinforce the brand message and drive conversions among potential customers who had already engaged with the brand. By combining these strategies, Vulcan was able to develop a robust customer acquisition model that drove significant growth and expansion for the beard care company.

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The Results

The results of Vulcan's partnership with the US beard care company were highly successful. Over the course of 2021 and 2022, Vulcan generated $278,000 in revenue for the company, with just $32,000 spent on advertising. This impressive ROI was due in part to the highly optimized product feed and waterfall shopping campaign, which allowed for efficient targeting and maximum conversion rates.

With a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 8.6, the partnership with Vulcan proved to be a highly effective means of driving new customer acquisition and revenue growth for the company. Overall, the results demonstrate the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy and the impact it can have on the bottom line of a business.

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