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Bing Ads At Its Best

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Background & The Challenge

This Irish-based coaching business specializes in interview preparation and coaching materials. They faced the challenge of generating consistent revenue through Facebook and Google ads. Despite multiple efforts, they couldn't get the desired results. No matter what they tried, they couldn't generate an efficient cost-per-acquisition on either Google or Facebook. Enter Vulcan.

Case Study Metrics

Date Range:      June 2020 - March 2022
Increase in Conversions:     450%
Increase in Spend:     132%
Increase in ROAS:     200%
Geographic Location of the Company:     Ireland

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The Solution

The solution in this case was Bing ads, which proved to be a more cost-effective CPC model than Google or Meta. By using Bing ads, we were able to lower their CPCs and create a more efficient advertising strategy.

Building on the insights gained from Bing ads, Vulcan were then able to transition to Google and Facebook with a greater understanding of what works best for Richmond's business. Because of their experience with Bing ads, the company was able to forego the learning phase on these platforms and immediately implement successful advertising strategies. In this way, Bing ads served as a valuable stepping stone for the company's overall advertising success.

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The Results

Thanks to the strategic ad campaigns designed and executed by Vulcan, Richmond saw a remarkable increase in revenue by 450%.

Additionally, there was a 132% increase in ad spend, which further demonstrates the successful partnership between Richmond and Vulcan. With the increased ad spend, Vulcan was able to target more potential customers with customized ad campaigns, leading to an even higher ROI for Richmond.

Moreover, there was a significant increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) by 200%, a significant improvement compared to the initial ROAS.

Overall, these results show that Vulcan's paid ad services were incredibly beneficial for Richmond's growth and success. Through effective targeting, increased ad spend, and a higher ROAS, Vulcan was able to provide Richmond with the tools they needed to reach their target audience and achieve substantial growth over a 22-month period.

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"I highly recommend Vulcan Digital. Their customized strategy, including Bing, Google & Meta Ads has resulted in an 8x ROI for my business. They've been fundamental in guiding me on how to improve my conversion rate optimization on my website too. Really professional and helpful team!"



Richmond & Associates

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