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Sporting Goods

Google Ads Teamwork At Its Best

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Background & The Challenge

In Q3 2021, this US-based sporting goods company approached Vulcan with a challenge to help grow their brand and drive sales through social media advertising. They had previously experimented with Facebook and Instagram ads in-house but struggled to achieve the desired results and were looking for a more effective strategy.

Case Study Metrics

Date Range:      January 2021 - today
Year-on-year growth:     +$250,000
Percentage of Revenue From Vulcan Ads     46%
Geographic Location of the Company:     United States

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The Solution

Firstly, we optimized the company's social media profiles to ensure they were engaging and appealing to the target audience. This included creating visually stunning graphics and videos that would catch the eye of potential customers.

Secondly, we created a series of campaigns designed to generate awareness and interest among the target audience. This included running brand awareness campaigns that used targeted audience demographics and interests to reach potential customers. Additionally, we utilized carousel ads and dynamic ads that showcased different products and offers to entice the audience to click through to the company's website.

Finally, we implemented a series of retargeting campaigns aimed at customers who had previously interacted with the company's social media profiles or visited the company's website. This included using dynamic product ads and custom audience targeting to showcase specific products and offers to customers who had already shown interest in the company.

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The Results

Through our strategic use of Facebook and Instagram ads, we were able to help the US sporting goods company achieve a 46% increase in revenue from 2021 to 2022. Our campaigns targeted specific audience segments with engaging ad formats, including carousel and video ads, as well as dynamic ads that showcased products based on users' browsing behavior.

The success of our campaigns led the brand to expand its digital marketing efforts and work with us on a transition to Google Ads. As of now, ads from Vulcan account for 46% of their total revenue, further demonstrating the impact of our marketing strategies.

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