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Zing Bars

Getting A Taste Of Paid Ads Success

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Background & The Challenge

Zing Bars is a high protein plant-based bars company that was founded in 2009 by a group of health enthusiasts who were passionate about creating a healthier snacking option that was both nutritious and delicious. Their mission was to provide consumers with a convenient and healthy snack that could fit into their busy lifestyles while still providing the necessary nutrients to fuel their bodies. They came to Vulcan seeking a paid ads strategy with an emphasis on efficiency.

Case Study Metrics

Date:      Q4 2022 
ROAS Change:      +1,050%
Geographic Location of the Company:     United States

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The Solution

As part of the Google Ads strategy developed by Vulcan, the team identified several key areas for optimization. One of the solutions implemented was a thorough review of search term reports to identify irrelevant or low-performing keywords that were driving up costs without delivering conversions. Based on this analysis, Vulcan developed an extensive bank of negative keywords that could be applied at the account-level to prevent the client's ads from appearing in irrelevant searches.

In addition, we adjusted bidding strategies to become more competitive for high-performing audiences, such as those who had previously engaged with the client's website or were likely to convert based on their browsing behavior. This helped to increase the visibility of the client's ads to the most relevant and high-intent users while maximizing their ad spend efficiency.

Finally, we worked to lower high CPAs on branded search on Google by optimizing ad copy and targeting criteria to ensure that the ads were reaching users who were most likely to convert at a lower cost. This helped to improve the overall ROI of the client's advertising spend while driving more qualified traffic to their website.

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The Results

The paid advertising strategy developed by Vulcan for their client delivered impressive results, driving a 1050% increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). This was a significant improvement over the previous performance of the client's ads.

Overall, the results achieved by the paid advertising strategy developed by Vulcan were truly impressive, demonstrating the power of a data-driven and customized approach to advertising. By working closely with their client to understand their business objectives and target audience, Vulcan was able to deliver a strategy that drove significant improvements in performance and delivered a positive ROI.

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"We were so pleased to see the team at Vulcan prioritizing learning about our brand. We recommend Vulcan for any e-commerce brand looking for a committed partner for long-term online growth."

Grace Erickson


Zing Bars

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