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Crafting a Message That Sticks

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Background & The Challenge

As the popularity of sugar waxing continues to rise, Sugardoh aimed to establish itself as the market leader in natural and organic sugar waxing. As a major player in the industry, the US-based brand sought to leverage digital advertising to enhance its market position. With no prior experience in paid ads, they approached Vulcan for assistance in developing a Google Ads strategy that could drive their growth and solidify their industry-leading status.

Case Study Metrics

Date Range:      April - December 2022 
Google Ads Revenue As a Proportion of Total:     24%
ROAS:     8.2
Geographic Location of the Company:     United States

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The Solution

To safeguard Sugardoh's brand name in a highly competitive market, we dedicated 5% of ad spend towards this effort. Our strategy involved leveraging search for cold traffic, implementing a structured waterfall shopping approach to acquire new customers, and using display and YouTube remarketing to target past non-converting website visitors at a low cost per conversion. In this sense, ad spend could travel furthest and efficiency focused upon initially. Our ultimate aim was to establish a steady growth pattern for the brand. By creating a solid foundation, we had the leverage we needed to scale upwards aggressively.

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The Results

Our team successfully achieved a significant upward growth trend with an impressive average ROAS of 8.2. As a result, Google Ads contributed to 24% of the total revenue by the end of 2022. Additionally, in conjunction with a well-rounded email marketing strategy implemented by our partner agency, Sugardoh had the necessary tools to attract new customers and increase their lifetime value for the brand.

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